The Houston Post from Houston, Texas (2024)

iiqqBxoiri I Intense ot-t DIXON RESIGNED ataaasaaaRiMHHsWMsaMnsMsKK iemummmKmmmtmmmmmmmammmm ir 11 iwi Suffering iV' a SBBBBBBBBBsaBBBlBW sbbbV JsbbbbbV bbbbbbbibbV WMsasV 4 i A wrsTTV.ij'ftVvTlv;.Tl As Chief Clerk of 3Stite Depart And SttmnehTronhla, lettered tnd Cured ty'Shuifi DripepiU't WO SUCCEEDED BY-LINDSE i (:" vii iii ii iifi Jt i i A "''A Nm OlMvwy, but-Not, Medleliva. Dr. Had wen relates an Interesting a-. vv iiraeiF jjsiip mmm wount e( what be oonslders a remarkable ese of aoule stomach trouble and ehVonto dyspepsia by the use of the new dlsoov- Beinniiid This (Friday) Morning on Our. Second Fldmk 1.14' men's Suits UhpaMlleled Values in Wo To the spleadi'd assortment of TAILORED SUITS comprising tns week's, special offerings we have' added a lsU-gei awemtlage oi desirable npmbers from our regular stocks filling out broken lines and increasing variety in wanted until On Sale Todav.

Four Hundred Suits Jm-M Made of French serge, cheviots, hard-finished worsteds, boucle. pebble cloth, mannish mixtures, homespuns, basket weaves and broacf-' eloths, in black, navy, brown, blue and all the approved colors and mixtures of the This magnificent collection is displayed in five groups, as follows: I IlBMllllAaAmr e.ammam.nhmmmmsV'V- SJW JTS GROUP 5 "ine patient waa a man wuo "6 id nfttml, tb my Knowledge, (or rears rsurrs; worth cup, to with dyspepsia. Everything be ata aeemed to sour and create gases in the stomach, lie had pain like rheumatism la the bark, shoulder blade and limbs, fullness and distress after eating, poor Appetite and loss of flesh; the Heart became affected. GROUP 4 SUITS WORTH UP TO $45.00 AT $29.50 GROUP 3 SUITS WORTH UP TO $40.00 AT $22.50 GROUP 2 SUITS WORTH UP TO S35.00 AT $17.50 GROUP 1 i SUITS WORTH UP TO $30.00 AT $13.50 tu, r. r.

pausing palpitation ana sleeplessness at night. 4. 5 Jlr. Dixoa Eu Accepted Editorial Itiuuffemeiit if The Port VPuIk ') licatioa, Texas Farm and-; i. Kretide, (Hsjm Put Stdal.) JvBBTIK, Texas, December Chief Clerk Sam H.

Dixon of th Bta depart-mant of agrioultura baa tendered his resignation and Judge "Kone haa appointed J. C. Llndsey of Palo Pinto oounty aa Mr. Dixon's Mr. Diton haa accepted th editorial maqagemant of tna Texas Farm and Fireside, tha agrtculr tural publication of The Houston Post Speaking of tbs Judge Kone said today: "Mr.

Dixon and I have been lifelong friends, our association In tha department haa. been most pleasant, hja discharge 0f his dutlea haa been In every respect -highly satisfactory to me, and 1 vary much regret to lose him. I could not ask him to continue aa chief clerk and forgo the acceptance of tha salary offered him. 10 his new position, which Is much more than theylaw allows me to pay my ehlef clerk. Ha haa rendered tha State good service aa chief clerk of tha Tessa department of agriculture and will continue to do so aa managing editor of Farm and Fireside, whtcn, in my opinion, has secured the best man It could have obtained In the State.

My highest appreciation of His work Is his, and my best wishes go with, iilra for his health, prosperty and happlneaa through life. "Mr. Lindsay Is a successful farmer of Palo Pinto county and is splendidly equipped in agricultural knowledge and executive and clerical experience to make a good chief clerk. I have known him for years. He Is fully able to fill the vacancy occasioned 'and help me carry ttta department to the highest point of usefulness It is capable or attaining, which is my aim and Intention.

For some time he held an Important desk In the old State department of agriculture in statistics and history, and later In the State department of. Insurance and banking. While I have lost one good man, I have secured another, well suited to take his place. "I am to say that Mr. Dixon' will still be chief nursery Inspector for the department." RESERVE CALCTJTJmOffS.

State Insurance Separtnent Advised Companies of Basis. (Houston Post Sptcial.) AUSTIN, Texas, December 1. The State department of Insurance and banking today addressed communications to each of the liability companies operating In this State, apprising them of the basis upon which they are required to calculate their reserve. Under the provisions of section 64, chapter 108, Acts of the Thirty-first Legislature, all companies writing liability Insurance that nave been doing business for ten years or more are required to furnish, on Or before October 1 of each year, a statement showing the buslnesa transacted in the United States, from which this statement must be calculated. All companies transacting' said business who have not been in business ten years are required to calculate their reserve from the general average of the VI ffs.T him powerful net-re tanlca and blood remedies, but to no purpose.

A an experiment I finally bought a 60-cent package of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets at. a drug store- and gave them to him Almost immediate relief was given, and after ha had used four boxes he was to all appearances; fuuy cured. "There was mora acidity or sour, watery risings, no bloating after meals, the appetite was vigorous and he has gained between 10 and 12 pounds in weight of solid, healthy flesh. "Although Stuart's Dyspepsia Tableta Reductions in MilliieF advertised and sold In drua stores. et I consider them a most valuable' ad- Ion to any physician line of remedies.

A Sale of Dresses A fimely and money-saving purchase put us in possession last week of a choice lot pf beautiful Dresses. We are able lo sell these at extremely reduced prices and in order to equalize prices and put assortments in shape for the rest of the season, we have added to this purchase a goodly number of Beautiful Wool and SilkDresseSt which go on sale today at these five prices: as, they are perfectly harmless and can ba given to children or Invalids or In any condition of the stomach with perfect safety, being harmless and containing) nothing but fruit and vegetable essences, pure pepsin and Golden Beal. any question they are the safest, most effective cure for indigestion, biliousness, constipation and all derangements of the stomach, however slight or savers." Our Millinery Department has achieved an this season and justly so. Our patrons realize that orjr, bargain ffers are genuine and every ad meets a gratifying re- sponse. This week's specials are like this: Every Fancy Wing and Fancy Feather tn the entire stock at HALF PRICE.

i Trimmed! Three special groups of new, fresh, fashionable Tailored and Dress Hats to sell like this: -t' Dresses worth 1 up to $22.50 for Dresses wortk up to $30.00 for Dresses wortk up to $40.00 for Dresses worth up to $45.00 for Dresses worth up to $59.50 (or $10.00 $15.00 $20.00 $27.50 $37.50 5.00 Hats for $2.50 $10.00 Hats for $15.00 Hats for $10.00 which average ts to COI be- fbmluhed byjttof commissioner mem and bj and of insufani doc bgnkfhg on December 1. nder at this law the following avrasWwer submitti ed, i 1 1 ire to 'hies the companies addressed calculate their reserve as fit December SI, 1910: Women's Lon Goats Two Splendid Skirt Bargains Just two hundred Skirts in this sale! They are made of voiles, Panamas, fancy worsteds and novelty weaves, made in the new, narrow models, in black, colors and mixed effects SELLING LIKE THIS; Average cost of Injured-persons, 1M.2S. Average cost of Injury suits, $48.4. This information waa given the following companies: Casualty company of America, New York; Pacific. Coast Casualty company.

San Francisco; Southwestern Surety Insurance company. Du-rant, the Texas Surety and Insurance company. Son Antonio; Travelers Indemnity company, Hartford, United States Fidelity and Guaranty company, Baltimore. Md. Eighty-five Coat of black and colored materials, including kerseys, cheviots, diagonals and fancy mixtures, plain tailored, into smart models, every garment an excellent value.

These Coats sell usually at $10.00 and $12.50. Special at Fifty-five Coats of fine all wool fabrics, In fancy mixtures, stripes and solids. Including shades of brown, tan, green, blue, gray and black and white effects; stylish garments, well tailored sold regularly at $15.00, $17.60 and $19.50. Special at $12.95 $8.95 For Skirts Skirts worth worth $10 $7.50,58.50 S1Z50, $15 I and $10 for $6.95 makes the cook happy because it lightens her work. We cany the best Landers "Cutlery that Cuts" Paring Knives 10c and up Butcher Knives 15c ami np Bread Knives 20c and np Caoks' Knives' 25c and op Make your selection now from the large assortment Carving Knives Are' always appropriate for a Christmas present, and we have them packed In very handsome Prices from $1 to $25 a Set Very choice assortment of Table Knives and Forks, too.

C. THEO. BERING HARDWARE STORE "MAIN STREET. COLQUITT TO DALLAS. Governor-Elect Goes to Attend to Personal Business.

(Houston Pott Sftchl.) AUSTIN, Texas, December 1. Governor-elect Colquitt left for djallas tonight and will not return until Saturday evening. The object of his trip to that city is to attend to certain private business matters and Incidentally tn obtain Information about some of the applicants for office at his hands. Mr. Colquitt expects to snnounce a number of State house appointments Saturday evening.

It is not likely that his choice for assistant attorney general will be among them. His successor on the railroad commission will hardly be announced before Christmas and the penitentiary commissioners will not be named in the list to be given out Saturday. Mr. Colquitt will probably visit the penitentiaries before deciding upon whom be will appoint to take charge of them. THE BUYING OF CHRISTMAS Will be your all-consuming thought and occupation for the next twenty-two days.

OuT Special Christmas Offer to our charge customers enables them to buy early, to buy more liberally aa'4 to choose while assortments are fresh. It also insures early and safe delivery of Christmas goods. 1 All Purchases of Holiday Gifts and Fancy Goods for Men and Women Special tUnriStlliaS Ulier on sale in our Men's Furnlshim, and all Toys and Christmas Novelties on sale In oar Boys Dept. from Bee. 1st thioujih Dec.

10th will be chanted on Jan. bills Instead of Dec. If requested. "a Tlrniissaiil aa Kew grssmstt Robert BL Iberia and KTb Thomas of flhm.Mrt SPECIAL ELECTION CALL To Elect Successor to Representative Pierson, Deceased. (Houston Post Special.) AUSTIN, Texas, December 1.

Governor Campbell today Issued a proclamation calling a special election for January to select a representative from the district composed of Burnet and Williamson countlea, vice C. C. Pierson, deceased. of the legislature. higher Courts TEXAJT FOIWD QTTILTT.

Oalveetoa: F. H. Montaa vs. Mm. Goers.

A. Fleming at si. from Liberty. Motion for rehearing an bail trad: Bank Bros. Lumber nnd Milling Oamssny vs.

A. J. Fst wuod si, from Montsonwry. Casas eat far submlaaios on Deoamber I. 0.

Rick. Mon vs. J. A. Best, from Tyler: O.

A. Smith vs. Istematlooal nnd Great Northern Railroad Company, rrota Moatsmerv; Pnutra vs. Jooa Martin al. from Fort Bend; Mr.

Aniraata Gehrinc et nl vs. Galveatos Elee-trle Company, from Gnlvaatos; The Texas Company vs. W. W. Garrett, from Jefferson; Hoaa-ton Rnat and West Texas Railway Company vs.

tnmaa. Akers A Inman, from Harris: William Wleaa vs. D. G. UalU from Orance; aUmnay gj Montgomery va.

Empire Timber and Lean bar Company, from Jrgenua. f1r.Mj VtV Af-t ia. vvaui aasiiiiujur a uut a Alexauidria, la. (Assodfi Pros A A w.f a m. rv naunmini, um tw aouueung suss Mary Wlngara of Dyer, bf this sartsh.

wag found guilty today and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Ruther- fneit n.mjh fNun hiM uw sranoiamer. -rj Corporations Chartered. (Houston Post Sptcial.) AU8TIN, Texas. December 1.

Charters of the following corporations were filed today in the state department: Page Manufacturing company of Beaumont; capital stock, $15,000. Incorporators: J. T. Page, Z. L.

Brooks, L. A. Watson. The Park HaU Amusem*nt company of Lena, Karnes county; capital stock 11000. Incorporators: Henry Kellner.

L. W. Haverlah, T. H. Isenaee.

Ames A Co. of Lubbock; capital stock $10,000. Incorporators: W. J. Hefley, W.

L. Coleman, J. W. Ames. Marlln-Roagan Oil company of Reagan, Falls county; capital stock $8000.

Incorporators: W. Z. Burke, W. M. Uun-nell, C.

Ward. H. D. Taylor Lumber company filed an amendment to its charter Increasing Its capital stock from $160,000 to $200,000. Proa Won Victory.

(Houston Post Sircial.) funds. All thsss bonds bear 5 per cent Interest. The attorney fenerals department, through Assistant Attorney General Caldwell, today approved an Issue of $32,000 city of Georgetown water works bonds and an Issue of $11,000 electric light bonds of the same town, both Issues bearing 6 per cent Interest and maturing in forty years, with an option of ten years. Governor Campbell today announced the appointment of R. J.

Bi-ucks of Hondo to be district attorney of the Thirty-eighth Judicial district to nil th. vacancy caused by the resignation of C. Har- ris- SHEMFFSCOLUJfN. Strayed or stolM from Mrs. Annie Towos, Osk Laws addition, sorrel talUoa, about Ui hands high, brsndud 8 (with bar the aamel on rlxht hi: a Lao common spring wasun.

Taken np H. B. Brass, SUOS Staple street, two black and ted spotted, piga. marked crop and split kttt ear sag erop and now Is th riant car. Btraved or stoles from W.

H. Hamilton. Clodlne. Tnu. thre.

black mar. male, two brown mar. mnlea, on don mar mule, on aorrol mule, on. brown none mule, on. brows mare mule and one sorrel mare, biased face.

A. B. Amleraoa, sheriff Harrta enoaty, Teiaa. Stolen os th. night of November on.

blue-rrajr mare. lSVi bands high, years old. rood aaildler. trsTels with head low. rannlng walk and fox trots; no brand.

When stolen had on an old saddle; the horn bad been broken off and nailed on with 10-penny nails; $3 reward for Information leading to recorary of mare and 110 reward for thief. Oari Qookman. 8 biro, or T. U. Lacy, sheriff.

Anderson. T.xaa. Strayed or stoles Bight of November 17. 110, light sorrel bora. 14 hands high, 10 years old, whit, apot back, est on left front leg.

dark tall and fore top lately cot; reward of glO Will be given to party retaming the bore t. Carl Himtaraoo, two miles wast of Klroy. Address Monte No. i. Delralle, Tetas.

ot a. 8. Matthews, sheriff, Austin, Texas. The sauu deal aterllng SHlTr 100 per eent pure paint. Purity guaraaterd hr Jobs W.

MMiny Hoc, Jan. Bute Co. Conforms to pure paint laws of United States Gowrnmi-ot. Fall net weight and ueHWiwr-Bien and ntakera, ab-snlntcly pure. If that's the kind of paint yott wanti My sal Msanry's Purs- Ml red Boum Paint.

JAS. BUTE Houston. fore darkness had thoroughly set In tonight. Two men committed this act. which no one but the principals witnessed.

Shel-ton declares both were white men and one was large and the other small In stature. The people of that section of the city, stirred by the unusual activity of highwaymen during the past few days, fear to venture outside after dark. BURNS FATAL. Oil Explosion at Mexia Resulted in Lebow'i Death. Houston Post Spociel.) MEXIA, Texas, November 30.

George Russell Lebow, cook for the Trinity and Hrazoa Valley railway, was fatally burned by the explosion of a can of oil Just north of the city Friday morning, from the effects of1 which he died at the Fort Worth hospital. STOCKDAX.E, Texas. December 1. Coy alcCowan, aged it years, died at his home near this place yesterday and waa buried In the Stockdale cemetery this afternoon. Through a mistake he took some Insect exterminator, thinking It to be a cough medicine.

NORDHEIM, Texas. November to. Emil Tuhrken, about If years of age, was thrown from a horse and dangerously hurt Monday evening. He had not regained consciousness Wednesday. Concussion of the brain la feared with little hope of recovery.

OOUAD. Texas, December 1. Mrs. James Collins, while ascending the steps at the Opera, house Wednesday missed her footing and tell quite a distance down the ata Irs, breaking her right arm. Fire on Xoving Train.

(Houstm Post Spttiuiy ROXTON, Texas. December 1. While France southbound thro ugh freight train wag going at a rapid rate yesterday afternoon between here and Ambla, one of the box cars waa discovered on Tire Inside. The burning car was hurried to the oil mill here, where water was obtained and the flames soon extinguished. The car 'contained a barrel of gasoline and some' merchandise.

So tar aa could be leant tbt dama wag sot wry greet. LAMPASAS. Texas, December Win. the prohibition election held yestreday throughout Tamspasss county the pros were vlotorloua by a rnajority of .191. 1 The town of Lame paean gave a pro majority of thuty.

In the election held two. years ago the county went dry by eighty. six majority. lasssane-e-- LAWRKNCK-ROTH. Taylor, Texas.

November Miss Rosa Roth of near SI gin and Lea Lawrence of the Rice's Crossing oommuntty were married at the Oano community Christian Rev. C. 8. Watson officiating. Sixth Court of Appeals.

(Houston Post SptcUL) TF.XARKANA. Tetas. December 1. following are the proceedings had today tn th Sl. ii court of civil appeals: Motion diapused of: JackautTtlle Lumber Company vs.

E. 8. Boll on et tmrn Cherokee. l.pellant'a notion for oTerrnled: Frit lDham ea. Mr.

Bele Stephens Lanham. from Tarker. appellee' motion tor rehearing. quetloo certified; C. N.

WuLvnook Henry llllas. from Tarrant, appellam'i motion for rehearing ororruled; A. E. Katie, eieeutor, vs. I.

B. lireen, from Franklin. apellee'a motion to illmulaa appeal paeacd for MbmlMlne with the cane. Caara ilecidvd: Weatberford Machine and Foandrr (Company vs. K.

8. Pope, from Brath, refereed and remanded: 8am Simon vs. Frits 4'arllts. from Tarrant, reveraed and rem an. led; Teiaa Central Railroad Company ra.

Mr. 8. J. Barr et al, from Krath, revaraed and remanded; Millie C. Jordan, admlnlatratrli, vs.

M. Mas-aev. from CMkke, revaraed and mnand.4; D. C. Uallbralts et'al va.

Flrat State Bank and Trust fooipauy. froai Falo Pinto, affirmed; Ogbera Lumber Company et al va A-. M. Hlbert. from Cherokee, affirmed (era I opinion); II.

X. Lyttleton. county yndre. va. W.

M. owner, from Harrison, dlamhuwa in acconJanc with agreement with the partle. filed. First Court of Appeals; (Houston Post Sptcial.) GALVESTON. Texas.

Dmrnbw 1. Tn court of civil appeals. First dtotrltt. at Olvstoa. today entered the following ordrs: Amrmed: 1.

C. Bvertson vs. B. Wsrrach. from Calhoan; W.

F. Denaoa et al va, J. D. Taylor et al. from Anderson: S.

H. Paachall at si ra. Walter F. Brown, from Colorado; H. A.

Jacob vs. N'uMbaum A Sena et a I. from Grime. Reveraed and rendered: T. J.

Fraeman. re-eelver. et a I v. John E. Barrv.

from Aederaon. Asraed swtlon to lie tranacript granted 1 Hons-tos Loan and Land Company vs. th Texas Omnpany, from Harrta. Motions for mheerlmt refnaed: Hnstoa Bsst and Weet Tis ttallTfy et nl vs. W.

K. Waltmaa. from AnsaUnn; El Camso Light; lc nod Water Company vs. rTMataag Tight Company of Kl Onmp. frSiWbarton: L.

Cranberry et al vm. Jsma S. Jaeksua. from JerTeraoa. Motion to strike eat motion for rehearing refused: 1.

L. Oranberry et si vs. James Jackaon. from JelTeraon. Motion to dlroia and merlon to strlk set Jeeeph B.

SharnHw et al. from Harria. Csae enhniitted: Th State ot Teu va, T. i Hutchinson, from Anderson) Houston and Texas Central Railroad Company vs. W.

E. KUia, from Waller: Gulf. Colorado aod Ban la Rail- 1TG0NEQAI AT OAIVEST0V. It InTestigting Kspotition of the Waste Material in Texas. (Houston Puis SriU QALVKSTON, Texas.

December 1. McOonegal, representing the department of commerce and labor, with headquarters at Washington, Is In Galveston on a mission connected with the work of the department, and will remain here several days. He is assigned to Texas, and the information which he ie gathering includes what cities are doing with the disposal of street sweepings, tbe idea being to gather Information which will tend toward the utilisation of waste materials. Forestry la another matter which Is occupying tbe attention ot the commissioner. To Rebuild Dormitory at Bryan.

I (Houston Post SpociaL) BRYAN, Texas, December 1. Dr. A. I' Barton of Waco, secretary ot tbe Stat Baptist board of education, Is In Bryan to assist In raising the necessary funds for the reconstruction of the boys' dor. mltory of the Bryan Baptist academy re cently burned.

The amount haa been set at and tbe State board haa donated 19000 of tbe amount provided Bryan raises the other $10,000. A mass meeting will be held tonight to put tha work under way. Four Senatorial Candidates. (Associatod Press RtporK BATON ROUGE, December The list of candldatea for. Valted gtatea senator was increased to four tonight Austin News Briefs.

(Houston Past Sptcial.) AUSTIN, Texas, December I. -Assistant Attorney General Snod grass today furnished a' ruling tn which It is held that written application must accompany settlement of school lands In order to avoid liability to forfeiture. At the regular monthly meeting of the 8tate board of education held today the board purchased SlM.tO0 of school- bonds for the benefit of the permanent 'school Dandruff si' Unnecessary and unless eradicated baldness Is sure It to follow. Danish draff by the prompt use of Its, certain acc! speedy coEeror un e- HurM-hr'-r CASTOR I A or Infanta and Children, fIRkblOKE Automobile Tires at Reduced i v-- aaasBjBsBsaiBBMsasaBBassasHMBBBBSBMSsaaaBjaasjk A Complete itock 008 -MaiaT Street BHELT0N WAS SAHDBAGOED Aai Bobbed of $85 by Footpad at Fort Wfjrth. (Houston Post Special.) 'FORT WORTH, Texas, Deoamber 1 Jack Sheltott aged living at Clarence and Peter Smith streets.

Is the fifth Fort Worth cltlsen to receive rough treatment the hand of footpads since Monday. En route to his home be waa sandbagged, of $1S and bis body dragged Into jrr4 at txwttt tad Wheeler even be Tbt Ktei Yea Hiw Always Bought ttgnataroef Lxceisior ir A with we lormal sjununoemcntg ot won- iiT'v i'9 W. 0. Hngsas Ot. fcea.

wag Ooeasaai A i'twf I'M i St..

The Houston Post from Houston, Texas (2024)


When did the Houston Post close? ›

Tours of the building and its facilities were given at the time. The Houston Post later closed permanently, with the final edition printed on April 18, 1995. Its assets and liabilities were acquired by Hearst Corporation, the publisher of the Post's rival daily Houston Chronicle.

Where was the Houston Post newspaper located? ›

609 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas

Who is the owner of POST Houston? ›

Lovett Commercial

What is the major newspaper in Houston? ›

The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, United States.

What happened to the old post office in downtown Houston? ›

In 2015, the US government decommissioned the Barbara Jordan Post Office and sold the building to Lovett Commercial. Our ambition for POST, to forge new ground and breathe new life into the building, tries to honor her pioneering legacy.

Does POST Houston take cash? ›

POST is a cashless site.

You will have 30 min to exit after your payment. Parking fee is based on the time your vehicle leaves the exit gate.

Who is the postmaster of Houston TX? ›

Houston's new postmaster promises to deliver - 1.2 billion pieces of mail each year. Chenise LeDoux, the 37th Houston postmaster, was installed on March 17, 2017. She had been serving in the role for a year and is the former Katy postmaster.

Who owns the post office now? ›

Who is the owner of House of Pies Houston? ›

Chuck Ganim - Operating Owner - House of Pies Restaurant and Bakery | LinkedIn.

What is Houston best known for? ›

In addition to its connection to space exploration, Houston is also known for its vibrant food scene. The city is known for its diverse cuisine, which reflects the many different cultures that call Houston home. From Tex-Mex to Vietnamese to barbecue, Houston has something to offer for every taste.

Is Houston a good place to live? ›

Houston is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the U.S.. In fact, between 2021 and 2022, H-Town welcomed more than 124,000 new residents. That says a lot! And with a median age of 33.7, it's perfect for young professionals and families alike — not to mention the city prides itself on its diversity.

What is the most widely circulated newspaper in Texas today? ›

Top 30 Newspapers in Texas sorted by circulation
1The Dallas Morning NewsDallas, TX
2Houston ChronicleHouston, TX
3Semana NewsHouston, TX
4La Prensa de HoustonHouston, TX
26 more rows

When did the Post Oak Hotel open in Houston? ›

March 12, 2018

Where was the first post office in Texas? ›

StateFirst U.S. Post Office(s) Within Present State BoundariesDate Established
TexasMiller Court House (listed under Arkansas in Postmaster Finder)09/05/1824
UtahSalt Lake City (originally “Salt Lake”)01/18/1849
VermontBrattleboro, Rutland, West Bennington (originally “Bennington”), Windsor1791 (12)
47 more rows

What time does the mail run in Houston? ›

Weekdays: Expect mail delivery between 8 am and 8 pm. Saturdays: You might get lucky and see your mail carrier sometime in the morning. But don't hold your breath. Sundays: No mail delivery.

What is open in Houston on Christmas Day? ›

Stores that are open on Christmas Day 2023
  • 7-Eleven: Store hours vary by location.
  • Circle K: Store hours vary by location.
  • CVS: Store hours vary by location.
  • Duane Reade: Store hours vary by location.
  • Dunkin': Store hours vary by location.
  • McDonald's: Store hours vary by location.
  • Rite Aid: Store hours vary by location.


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