My Mod Pack for Emerald Coast (2024)

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Updated for Emerald Coast.

See 'optional files' for 'all cabins teleportable' unlock.
You can use this withEpic Spawns.
- - -

Installation Instructions: Included in Download or Sticky Pin Comment

Credit 1: I predate the modding tool! I used to byte edit this stuff by hand for three days, but now thanks to...
Credit 2:mvision69 Mod Buildertool it goes quicker.
(See sticky pin comment for tutorial on using Mod Builder to just make your own mod pack instead of using mine.)
Credit 3: Mod Icon by AI Image Generator by Neural Love with some 'shopping
-However I still byte edited in a few things that mod builder doesn't yet do. :)

─── ─── ─── ─── ─── ───

Features in this release:

-The ATV has been repaired! Now it is a mean, green, terrain eating machine with maximum speed, acceleration, and handling. Still buffed with 300m (500m is vanilla) noise scare radius and 100m (200 is vanilla.)
New: Immersive Animal Behavioris integrated also into this mod, so you don't have to choose between the two, as they could not be installed separately.

New!! Lake Crosser 2000! (Optional version.)
1. Touch some water with your character.
2. Zoom across the water to the other side.
3. Continue hunting, enjoying not having to teleport back to the bank every time your ankle touches shin deep water.

4. Realize you can do dolphin tricks if you get some air from the speed and hit several banks.
5. Eat several first aid kits doing dolphin tricks and ooo'ing over alligators.
5.5 Get maimed by an alligator in the deep water and turn COTW into a horror game. Realize gators splash when attacking in water.
5.6 Begin experimenting with bow hunting alligators underwater.
6. DO NOT JUMP. DO. NOT. JUMP. WHEN. TOUCHING. WATER. -clap. clap. clap.-
*I can't change the speed you cross the water. I can't fix what the jump button will do to you if you use it while in water. It's like the monkey's paw, you got an amazing gift at a terrible price, the price of not pressing jump while in the water. "You do not recognize the bodies in the water." -SCP Foundation

  • Render Distance/Despawn Distance: 650 (500 for birds, you can't even spot them from that far. Improves performance.)

Why not 700-900m? Because I like my mod to be super stable and some maps, even though your PC can handle it, have a potential of having so many scripts run from number of animals that it just crashes the game from the inside, having little to do with your hardware.

  • x20 More Deployables
  • DLC Guns are no longer free.
  • x2.1 Player Speed (Comfortable but not extra-cheaty.)
  • x5 Level Exp Gain
  • x5 Weapon Exp Gain
  • x2 Money Gain
  • Decrease Wobble 60% Standing/80% Crouching/100% Prone
  • Decrease Hunting Pressure (80m Width, 50% overall reduction)
  • Skip logo loading in intro for faster load-to-game time.
  • All traits unlocked for dog when leveling up and x5 dog exp. (Click traits to learn, even if all green.)
  • Heart rate increases 90% slower.
  • Resting cost is fixed at 250.
  • When you buy ammo from the store, you get 50 with each purchase.

Requires Perk:

  • 80% Reduced Player Movement Noise (You can get closer to animals.) "Soft Feet"
  • 99.9 Carry Weight "Pack Mule"
  • Better Keen Eye (5-10 zones per use, 10+ animals discovered, 10s Cooldown)
  • Vegetation makes MUCH better cover "Improvised Blind"
  • -40% Fall Damage "Impact Resistance"
  • *Tripled scent lure attraction range, gave large bump to attraction probability. (Tested .)
  • Increased call lure attraction probability.
  • Made audio clues visually line up with the animal making them much more accurately. (Still depends on your skill level.)
  • x3 Caller Range when used from a lookout tower.
    *It's possible the scent lure range was updated recently in the base game, I'm unsure, but the range is much broader than 50m at this current time even in the UI. (The lure chance is still increased by this mod for sure.) To test, I make the animals visible through terrain, get upwind from them 150m, spammedlures, and observed. What seems to happen in herd animals, is females come first, then the lower males, and the gold, then diamond animals. Diamonds will hang 100m back alerting unless you move out of the way, then they are SUPER SLOW about going to the lure's location, if at all. I could be wrong, but in my observation if you MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE the animals go toward the lure spray area and not toward you- if you don't move, they will literally spook from the wind direction long before you can see them clearly. They completely stopped at the lure sight while the timer was still active, and when I got ahead of them to spray again, they began the same process of meandering to that zone- except the diamond, who had barely moved from his original spot, the herd now vastly stretched out.

Requires New Game to see changes:
All skill/perk points can now be unlocked! This means the same player can learn every possible skill tree item and perk item. You previously could not do that without using a cheat console/trainer or downloading a save that had the points available. A new save is NOT required to use this mod! It simply means that if you want to see more perk/skill points you need to be able to level up for them to be added to your save.

The following is Optional, see InstallationInstructions for deleting the correct folder to simply remove these tweaks:
Additionally you can even overwrite my ammo changes with those of another modder and have all the other features of my pack work!

Weapon Changes Included
All: 20% Recoil Reduction


  • +12% Penetration to All


  • +36% Penetration to All


  • +20% Penetration to All

Arrows (Includes all bow types.):

  • 300/600/700 grain +10% Penetration
  • 350/420/540 grain +20% penetration

~Arrow integrity expanded ranges~
Does not reflect in the UI in game but exists.
Why: Some class 3 animals are just burly and do not drop easily even at close range with arrows, grains IRL vary wildly depending if using light or heavy setup and by brand- some arrows are designed for whitetail passthrough from a 60 pound draw and some people just load up 600 grains with a bow almost as tall as their body. So I just expanded the range a little so you can use what you feel fits the animal you're hunting better.
300: 1-2 [Unchanged]
350: 1-3 [Unchanged]
420 Grain: 2-7 [Unchanged]
540 Grain: 3-7 instead of 4-7
600 Grain: 4-9 instead of 7-9
700 Grain: 5-9 instead of 8-9

~Expanded Clip Sizes~
Okay look magazines are just illegal for game wardens in COTW, okay? No modding and no expansion allowed. But that aside, if we were using real life counterparts how much could they hold with no modifications?
I actually looked up what common (without modifying) clip sizes are so some remain unchanged, but here is the change list.

  • .30-06 = 5 Rounds (Up from 4, which is odd because they come in 3 and 5.)
  • .30-30 = 5 Rounds, up from 4, based on Winchester model the 'whitlock' in game is probably referencing.
  • .300 = Also used Winchester, 5 Rounds also up from 4.
  • .45-70 lever action = seems to be an 1895 Marlin which holds 4 rounds. (+1 depending, but, going with 4.) Up from 3
  • 1887 lever action = 5+2, one of the least modifiable guns in this case. So..five?
  • .308 = 5 up from 4 -gives up explaining- they also make 10 round version of this gun tho
My Mod Pack for Emerald Coast (2024)


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