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Discover a new guide for Immersive Engineering Mod Wiki. Immersive Engineering is a top-of-the-line tech mod for now, it adds many new multi-block structured machines and Redstone Flux (RF) based machines with a nostalgic futuristic feel to the game. The machine uses low, medium, or high voltage with 256 RF/t low, 1024 RF/t medium, and 4096 RF/t high.


Mod type:

  • Energy
  • Processing
  • Technology

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Immersive Engineering Mod

It is best known for its multi-block machines, characterized by their industrial appearance. Both single and multi-block machines operate on three power levels, the low voltage is 256 RF/t, the medium is 1024 RF/t and the high is 4096 RF/t respectively.

It is also compatible with IndustrialCraft 2 EU power.

The engineer’s Manual is the most important tool for this mod, created by crafting a book and a lever. It contains instructions and recipes for everything in the mod.

Immersive Engineering Feature

Immersive Engineering is a top-notch technology mod today with a download rate of over 1000 million downloads, concept-based and concept-based with most of the content created by Damien Hazard.


  • Overall, it’s about realism-inspired technology:
  • Instead of glowing red tubes, it provides actual hanging power lines.
  • Instead of a block that magically spews dust when ore is introduced, it provides a crusher, a large block (5x3x3) whose wheel spins and spits out particles as it breaks the ore.
  • Instead of a Laser that transforms energy into magical light and ore, it provides an Excavator, a giant (3x7x8) multi-block (3x7x8) that uses many other resources to dig ore out of the ground with a wheel big spin.
  • IE aims to make tech mods more balanced and beautiful, while adding a twist of its own by moving towards classic futurism (think BioShock, Order 1886, SkyCaptain and so on. World of Tomorrow) instead of clinical gray + white futuristic blocks.
  • It uses the Forge Energy API, known from every other tech mod, but it can be played completely independently. Unlike other mods, IE does not use power transfer through block lanes but instead through cables connecting the connectors.
  • The mod features Generating power in the form of water wheels, windmills, biodiesel, and more. and its many machines are many blocks!
  • An engineer’s manual, created with a book and a lever. You should see the in-game documentation of this mod,

Modpack policy:

Be natural, as long as you don’t monetize content that doesn’t belong to you and adhere to the EULA and respect the mod developer’s license.

Switch this to another Modloader:

No, it didn’t happen. Immersive Engineering does not leave the Forge API. We are not switching to Fabric, Quilt or any other loader.
There are many reasons for this, but the most important: This is a hobby and we really don’t have time to learn a new API.

Immersive Engineering Wiki

Getting started on getting started

The Engineer’s Handbook is one of the most useful sections in Immersive Engineering. This is the in-game guide to the mod and contains information about all the crazy blocks and items that Immersive Engineering adds. In fact, it’s almost as good as this tutorial.

  • You’ll also want an Engineer’s Hammer. This handy tool can be used for a lot of things.
  • It may be completed in the near future, check its history to see previous edits.
  • This tutorial starts with the Role Playing Technique. It’s meant to get you up and running like a pro.


The role-playing technique adds some additional resources. Unlike other mods, Immersive Engineering is not difficult to use them; You will want to collect as many ores as possible. This includes vanilla ore, not just those listed below.

  • Copper Ore
  • Bauxite ore (aluminum)
  • Optical details
  • Silver Mine
  • Nickel ore
  • Villagers and Villagers
  • Main articles: Engineer’s Village and Engineer’s House
  • Engineer village
  • A technical villager

Immersive Engineering, like many mods, has its own villagers and homesteads. The Engineer’s house will almost certainly have some useful loot in it, and the Villager Engineer can get you some useful stuff in exchange for those Emeralds.

If you find an Engineer Villager, you’ll probably want to mark and protect it. Their deals really aren’t half bad.

Industrial hemp

This is a crop added by Immersive Engineering. It grows like Wheat, although it is two blocks tall. It drops Industrial Hemp and of course, more Industrial Hemp Seeds.

They’re not so important, but you’ll need them later on. Note that Industrial Hemp needs at least 12 light levels to grow.

Actually started

What is the best way to get hot? By creating Raw Blast Furnace and co*ke Oven of course! Raw blast furnaces are used to produce Steel, which you will want in abundance. It also generates Slag, although that’s not as useful.

The co*ke Furnace produces Coal co*ke and Creosote Oil. Coal co*ke is quite useful, but Creosote Oil is really needed to grow; You will need Treated Wood for a lot of things.

You can craft an Improved Blast Furnace after producing some steel with your raw blast furnace. The improved version allows automatic input and output.

A revolution!

Electricity! Yes, electric type. Immersive Engineering has previously used Redstone Flux (RF), one of the most popular power systems. Currently, Immersive Techniques uses something else called “Immersive Streams” (IF).

But fear not: Immersive Flux and Redstone Flux can be converted 1:1 without the need to switch between the two and work identically.

Redstone Flux is said to have magic, but in Immersive Engineering it behaves a bit like electricity.

There are three voltage levels:

  • Short
  • Medium
  • High


  • 256 IF/t,
  • 1024 IF/t
  • 4096 IF/t.

Different voltages should not be connected; if they do, very bad things will happen.

Immersive Engineering’s wiring is a bit different from other mods. With Wire Connector and Coil. Coils are what transmit RF, but they’re not really blocks; they are entities. Coil always requires a Wire Connector to exist and transmit power. Wiring connectors are actual blocks that exist in the world.

Basic IE Electrical Network

  • The LV Capacitor transfers power to the LV Wiring Connector,
  • Via LV . Coil
  • To another LV Wiring Connector and
  • Go to the External Heater.

The LV Capacitor is an RF storage block and the External Heater is an RF consumer, but you’ll learn more about those two soon.

From this point forward, you’ll want an Engineer’s Wire Cutter. That’s how you disconnect the coils.

Generate and store energy

The role-playing technique has few power generation options but is very different. For your base power, your best bet is to use a Kinetic Generator or Thermoelectric Generator.

The Water Wheel can generate more power, but it requires Water which can be very messy. If you go the Windmill route, you can also create an Improved Windmill instead of a regular one. It costs a lot Industrial Hemp Yarn, but if you have a good Hemp farm (like I told you) it’s pretty cheap.

The thermoelectric generator generates energy based on the difference in temperature between the blocks/liquids adjacent to it.

For example, Ice and Lava combined will produce 16 RF/t.

IE Basic Power Options

From left to right to center- Basic Windmill, Water Wheel, Improved Windmill and Thermoelectric Generator.

Energy can be stored in the LV Capacitor. There are also MV Capacitors and HV Capacitors, but you may not be able to afford them yet.

Like in many other mods, Capacitor can be broken and picked up, storing its energy without any side effects.

The LV capacitor can store 100,000 IFs. This is a pretty good amount for your basic use. If you want to know how much energy it stores, you can right click it with Engineer’s Voltmeter.

Use energy

Rhetorical question: generate, store and transmit energy without using it for what? Yes, there are quite a few points for nothing. If you’re setting up an energy system to generate, store, and transmit energy, but don’t actually use it, you should probably talk to someone.

Luckily, Role Playing Techniques gives you a lot to do with your energy.

It needs to be placed next to the Oven to work. Right clicking on one of its faces with the Engineer Hammer will allow that face to accept IFs.

Basic IE Electrical Network

The Furnace will be able to melt items without any fuel by drawing energy from the External Heater. Initially, the External

Heater will consume up to 32 RF/t, but once the Oven reaches the optimum temperature, it will only need about 8 RF/t to keep warm. If efficiency takes precedence over speed, that function can be disabled via the Redstone signal to the External

Heater, causing it to consume only about 8 RF/t.


  • Role-playing techniques, believe it or not, are also part of this group.
  • Immersive Engineering adds a very simple form of item transportation: Conveyors.
  • Conveyor belts are simple: they move items on them in the direction the conveyor is facing. They are also quite cheap. They can even automatically take out inventory items and put them in stock automatically.

Liquid transport

Liquids can also be shipped! However, transporting liquids is a bit more complicated. You will need a Fluid Tube and possibly a Liquid Pump (Immersive Technique).

The liquid will automatically move through the Fluid Tube, albeit at a slow speed (10 m/s). Using the Liquid Pump will speed it up significantly (50 m/s).

Update History

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Immersive Engineering is one of the best mods that MC Wiki has just updated to the Minecraft Mods list


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Current Owner: BluSunrize

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