Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (2024)

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Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (7)

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (8)

Call (855) 652-1598

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Cable and Satellite TV Providers Available in Kansas City, MO

Provider Channels User Rating Pricing Phone Number
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (10) Up to

590 Channels


$14.99 - $165

(855) 650-4217
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (11) Up to

200 Channels


$39.99 - $59.99

(855) 650-4212
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (12) Up to

405 Channels


$10 - $155.99

(855) 650-4213
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (13) Up to

260 Channels


$19.99 - 299.95

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (14) Up to

290 Channels


$10 - $109.98

(205) 946-1154
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (15) Up to

330 Channels


$35 - $110

(855) 652-1629
Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (16)

There are more TV service providers available in Kansas City, MO than ever before, and while this is great in terms of the deals available to consumers, it can also make it difficult to narrow down options and pick the right one. That's where Wirefly can help, whether a consumer is interested in switching their home television provider, or they're moving to a new home and need to know what their options will be. All a consumer needs to do is punch their ZIP code in to see all the latest bargains for television plans, and the results include cable, satellite and fiber-optic options. The Wirefly tool also has bundle plans that combine television with internet, phone service or both for additional savings.

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (17)

Deciding on a Television Service Provider in Kansas City, MO

You are able to decide between a number of service providers in Kansas City, MO as a result of the comparative data we've put together. You are now able to make an educated decision on what's available in your area. One of the advantages of using our system is that you can easily recognize which services offer upgrades, such as Digital Video Recovery (DVR). Other information and resources are available through our site that you will find helpful.

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (18)

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO

Cable television companies relay content through copper cables and fiber optic wires. Many of these lines are buried underground to be protected from most elements. As a result, rain, wind, snow and other weather events normally do not interfere with cable television programming. However, cable customers should monitor the condition of their cables inside their homes, condominiums or apartments, as worn cables may hamper transmission of the signals. Moreover, traditional cable lines, especially those using copper cables or DSL, deliver content at slower rates than fiber optic lines.

Providers carry different tiers of service for cable television. At a minimum, cable TV providers must by law carry local television stations broadcasting in Kansas City, MO. This basic, or lowest-tier service, may include some other channels. With higher tiers come more channels and higher cable bills. Our tool informs prospective cable customers about additional packages, such as expanded sports channels, non-English speaking channels and premium channels. Cable providers in Kansas City, MO also include on-demand viewing, music channels for a vast array of genres and DVR options within their menu of TV services. In addition to TV broadcasts, cable companies venture into Internet access and telephone services. This allows cable TV service providers to “bundle,” or include all three services at a combined price that is lower than if each were purchased separately. Typically, cable companies do not tie customers to contracts, so that subscribers may cancel at anytime.

In most cases, cable TV subscribers will need a box for each television to obtain all the available channels, DVR and on-demand programming. Depending on the company, viewers can opt for an adapter which affords access to many, but not all, of the channels offered by the cable TV provider. Customers who obtain Internet and phone services must have a modem and router for wireless Internet. Cable TV bills include monthly fees for rental of the TV, Internet and phone equipment. With our comparison tool, subscribers can learn what routers or modems are compatible with the particular provider should they attempt to lower cable bills through buying their own equipment rather than renting.

Installation of cable services involves the connection and setup of the boxes, modem and routers. The installer must connect cables and wires to the right inputs, program remote control devices and secure activation of the services. Customers should plan on blocking multiple hours to wait for and receive the installers. Cable companies might not set appointments and cannot guarantee a particular time when the installer is available. For customers who work close to home, the installer may agree to call the customer within minutes or other short-time period of anticipated arrival so that the customer can minimize time away from work.

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (19)

Satellite Television Companies in Kansas City, MO

The process for how satellite TV gets from the provider to the consumer is a bit different, even if the end result is basically the same. The provider first transmits encrypted TV signals from one of its broadcast centers to its satellite. The satellite, in turn, sends encrypted TV signals to the satellite dishes of all the provider's customers. The obvious advantage here over cable is that a physical connection between the broadcast center and the customer's home isn't required, making satellite an option for more people. Someone in Kansas City, MO who lives out in the country, far from any cable provider, may still be able to get TV service through a satellite dish.

There can be some hefty costs when getting satellite service hooked up, especially since satellite dishes in Kansas City, MO are often expensive. The good news is that providers often give their customers the dish and the installation for free, but consumers must check the fine print to verify what's free and what they'll need to pay for. The drawback when it comes to satellite TV service is how the weather can affect it. If the wind picks up quite a bit or there's heavy snowfall, those can interfere with the customer's TV service. Although satellite dishes aren't necessarily fragile, inclement weather can put them out of commission.

Another benefit with satellite plans are that they often also have a DVR, and sometimes an HD DVR, included with the plan. This allows the customer to tape their shows, put parental controls in place and check out On Demand content. However, a free DVR is sometimes available with cable companies, as well. Either way, there's usually still a free every month for having the DVR, with most companies charging at least $10.

Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (20)

Kansas City, MO Fiber Optic Television Providers

Fiber optics delivers the most advanced form of internet to commercial and residential buildings in Kansas City, MO. Fiber optic technology also called fiber to the home or FTTH, use fiber optic cables to transport the fastest and most reliable internet available. While cable internet and DSL are highly popular in the U.S., they do not deliver the speed of fiber optics.

Fiber optics is the most recent technology advance television providers can offer. The providers of fiber optic cable also offer phone, tv, and internet services over a fiber optic network. Consumers enjoy will have the same experience, only a lot faster.

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Cable TV Providers in Kansas City, MO (2024)


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