120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (2024)

120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (1)

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120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (2)

{Note from Jessica: Today’s post is shared by my sweet friend Renee, author of Raising Generation Nourished. We became friends several years ago and I am continually impressed with her desire to help change the world, starting with our newest generation. Real food has to be core of our health and should start in the womb. Considering this is the first time in history that our children are expected to die before us, something HAS to change. I’m honored to call her a friend. I hope you’ll stop by her site, Raising Generation Nourished, and say hello!}

If you have been around real food circles for very long, you know that one of the big buzz words these days is gelatin! Eat all the gelatin!

One of the first times I read about the healing power of gelatin was seven years ago when I first read “Broth is Beautiful.” I ended up falling in love with bone broth and soup-making, and to this day, gelatin-rich bone broth based soups grace our table almost daily.

I love supplementing my family with grass-fed gelatin though! Since I have a bigger family, I tend to dilute down our bone broth for soups to stretch it a lot of the times, so I know they are not always getting the amounts of gelatin I would like them to have. I keep grass-fed gelatin on hand to shake into smoothies, oatmeal, or yogurt, or just to make my kids smile with gelatin gummies.

If you have kids that aren’t quite “there yet” to accepting bone broth or soup, using grass-fed gelatin in your cooking is a great way to get the health benefits of at least the gelatin part of it. Sometimes those “picky” eaters will turn around when their guts are in a little better order.

120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (3)Or maybe the family is in the midst of a gut healing journey and just needs an extra boost of gelatin here and there. I don’t know of too many people today that wouldn’t benefit from a little gut boosting gelatin in their diet! For more details on the health benefits of gelatin, read this post.

ImportantNote On Gelatin/Collagen Types

When it comes to gelatin or collagen, you don’t want any old productoff the supermarket shelves. You want to look for 100% grass-fed gelatin from healthy animals. Just like other animal products, quality is important.

That is why I recommendVital Proteins Grass-Fed Gelatin productsand Perfect Supplements products exclusively. I have compared thesebrand with other brands on the market and the quality far surpasses anything else I’ve tried. I am thrilled to be one of their affiliate partners and support such great products and companies.

Perfect Supplements offers a grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen (cold-soluble) right now and has a gelatin (hot-soluble) in the works for 2016. Read my review of their product here or watch the video below.You can order their own productsvia their own site here or on Amazon here.

Vital Proteinsoffers two types of gelatin. The green top (Collagen Protein)is what you need for this recipe and for recipes where you are making gummies, “jello”, etc. The blue top (Collagen Peptides)is cold water soluble and does not thicken or gel like gelatin does. Both are very nutritious, but can’t be used interchangeably.You can order their own productsvia their own site here or on Amazon here.

120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes

Further Reading: The Gelatin Secret

For further reading, my friend Sylvie’s book, The Gelatin Secret(affiliate link), is by far the best book out there on the subject.

Gelatin is the superfood that can give you relief from digestive disorders and thousands of people are finding that regular consumption is helping them heal their bodies and live a healthier life.

Learn More and Download Your Copy Here

120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (9)

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120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (10)
120+ Healthy Gelatin Recipes (2024)


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