10 Best Cable & Satellite TV in Kansas City (2024)

Choosing a cable company or satellite TV provider in Kansas City

10 Best Cable & Satellite TV in Kansas City (1)

Cable or satellite television is expensive and often requires signing a contract, so it’s important to research companies before choosing one. You can find the best cable deals in Kansas City by researching a variety of companies available to your home before signing.

When choosing between cable and satellite, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Channel options/plans: This is usually the most influential factor when choosing your TV plan. Make sure your provider gives you access to a broad range of channels and the networks you prefer.
  • “Anytime” access: Many providers now offer unlimited access to your TV channels wherever you are by using an app on your laptop, phone or tablet. This is a great additional feature to have, but it should not come at an extra cost.
  • Contracts: Most companies in Kansas City require you to sign a contract for service. A contract can save you money, but also tie you into long-term service.
  • Added features: You may want to add features such as HD quality or DVR capability. Some companies provide these features for free, but others charge an additional monthly cost.

Another thing to consider is if you want to bundle your cable, internet and phone packages, which can save up to $1,000 over a two-year contract. Not all companies in Kansas City offer all services, however, and it may take some math and research to decide what the best deal for you is. Usually, the easiest way to do this is to contact the company directly to see what packages and pricing bundles they offer.

Types of cable and satellite TV

Whether you have cable or satellite, you typically get to choose between a few different types of cable TV packages, including:

  • Basic packages include national broadcast channels and local channels. These are usually the same channels you receive by using a television antenna.
  • Expanded basic packages are mid-tier offerings that include the most popular channels, such as ESPN and USA.
  • Premium packages offer the most variety of channels and often include premium channels like HBO.

Some television providers in Kansas City may also specialized packages for specific interests. For example, if you like to host people for the World Cup soccer tournament, you may need a sports package.

Cable vs. satellite TV

The main difference between cable and satellite TV is how the content reaches your television. In general, you have more options for satellite television providers because the delivery system has more widespread service and reach.

Satellite television is popular with customers who live in rural areas outside of cable companies’ coverage areas. Kansas City residents can choose either option, depending on their preference, and there are many cable companies in Kansas City.

Both cable television and satellite TV in Kansas City offer multiple channels and the ability to further customize your options for a price. Usually, your channel selection depends more on your provider rather than if you have cable or satellite. Cable TV companies and satellite TV providers set their own channel availability.

Cable TV vs. satellite TV

CategoryWinner Explanation
Reliability Cable Satellite TV relies on dishes that are installed outside, meaning they’re affected by the weather and more likely to lose reception during storms.
Cost Satellite Satellite often offers a better price to channel ratio. If you want the bare minimum basic channels, however, cable may provide a better bargain.
Set up Cable Satellite TV requires installing a dish, which requires more work to install. Cable television usually only requires a box that is connected to your television.
HD Satellite Satellite TV generally provides better HD quality than cable TV.

As you can see, there are benefits to both cable and satellite. Which one you choose depends on your location and specific needs, plus which TV providers are available.

What is internet cable?

Some companies are now offering internet-based television packages. Despite the commonly used name, these packages do not require cable and are not tied to your home. They can be accessed from any compatible device.

Unlike satellite or cable television, however, you must have internet service — something most Kansas City residents already have. You also can’t use internet television packages directly with your television, but must use a smart TV or purchase a device such as an Amazon Fire TV system or Roku.

A variety of companies offer internet television packages. Popular satellite carrier DIRECTV has an internet television package called DIRECTVNOW, and YouTube has launched an internet television service called YouTube TV. Many of these companies offer service on a month-to-month basis and do not require a contract.

How much does cable and satellite TV cost in Kansas City?

The average cable or satellite television subscriber pays between $85 and $100 per month, but the final cost depends on the package you choose and if you bundle multiple services.

According to the FCC, the average cost of basic cable is $23.79, and the average price of expanded basic cable service increases to $69.03. For satellite services, costs are similar for DIRECTV and DISH, two of the most popular providers.


Cost $59.99 - $89.99/mo (first year of contract) $35 - $110/month (first year of contract)
Channels 190 - 290+ 155 - 330+
Contract 2 years 2 years

DISH offers excellent packages with more affordable, transparent options, but DIRECTV is popular for its sports packages, including the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET and its widespread HD sports channels.

When you choose your provider, you’ll have to sign a service contract that outlines exactly how much you will pay per month, plus how long you will be expected to pay. Be sure to look at the fine print on the contract — many companies advertise two-year contracts with low rates in the first year and dramatically increased prices in the second. Be sure to ask your provider how much you’ll spend over the life of the contract.

Keep in mind that most companies in Kansas City charge for installation. Installation can range between $30 to $100 and is usually priced into your first few months of service.

10 Best Cable & Satellite TV in Kansas City (2024)


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